Q: Will my site render on an Iphone? How about a tablet?

Let us prove how great your site will look! Pull up this very site you are reading on your phone or tablet (or choose any of those from our example sites). It's going to look great - and your new site will too. No longer will you have to make excuses for how you look on a phone.

Q: How can you offer such a low upfront-costs website solution?

At Catapult we are dedicated to the long term success of our clients. We build websites to increase leads, increase search engine presence, establish social media channels, and solve business problems for our clients. A website is an ongoing engagement that always should be growing, and we want to grow with you.

Your long term success is our long term success, and we will help you get there.

Q: How long will it take to build my site?

Once we have the required documentation, it generally takes a week or two to build out a standard business website.

Q: Can I update my own site?

When you login to our framework, it’s easy to to update events, blog posts, or even add/update ecommerce sections.

Q: What are your image requirements?

In order to attain the results we are looking for, we have higher image standards than you may have experienced in the past. We will require at least one high resolution image (if not many, many more) for the project – whether you have one, purchase one, or engage one of our local excellent photographers. Don’t worry, we’ll help get the right images selected.

Q: How do I find out if this will work for me?

With Catapult, there's no guessing if you'll like your look. We'll show you a small demo of our style - bold imagery with singular messaging. Get a demo for yourself!